Hand Hygiene – An Important Year-round Reminder…

24th March 2016 Hand Hygiene – An Important Year-round Reminder… In many industries – food service and the NHS to name but two – good hand hygiene is insisted upon and promoted within workplaces as a healthy reminder of the risks of bacteria and germs. But is there a focus on hand hygiene within your industry and, in fact, in your workplace? We don’t really like to think about some of the nasties that could be present on our hands, but we all carry them and we all need to be aware of how to properly wash and sanitise our hands. The last thing you need in your staff kitchen is a nasty bug outbreak, resulting in food poisoning for […]

Can Your Company Be Any More Green?

18th March 2016 Can Your Company Be Any More Green? Green, eco-friendly, carbon footprint – all buzzwords of course, but behind them there lies a serious message. No matter what your industry, it’s important to make sure you’re taking as many steps as you can to improve your environmentally-friendly policies. There are lots of areas to consider when looking at becoming a greener company, and using an environmentally-friendly cleaning company is an important first step. Many things, such as plastic bin liners and harsh chemical cleaners can be done away with and discussing this with your cleaning contractor should make sure that you are all on the same page. Aside from these, there are some more important things you can […]

Loo of the Year Awards 2016

7th March 2016 Loo of the Year Awards 2016 You’ve spent time and money on ensuring your premises are as clean as they can be. You’re rightly proud of the effort you’ve put in but who, except for your customers, will ever see the results of your efforts? If you fancy a bit of recognition for your facilities, then why not consider entering the Loo of the Year Awards 2016? As probably one of the first places your clients visit at your premises, you’ve made sure that you can be proud of the smallest room, so entry into the Loo of the Year Awards will give you a totally independent assessment of your washrooms and toilet, and each facility is […]

Learn Something New Every Day: Training Can Help You Stay Ahead

29th February 2016 Learn Something New Every Day: Training Can Help You Stay Ahead It’s quite easy to think that having a team of cleaning staff is pretty straightforward, and just let them get on with the job at hand, but have you considered that your staff might want or need some extra training? There are any number of ways that you can make your staff feel valued, and keeping them up-to-date on the latest cleaning methods, techniques and equipment is an important one. A quick search of the internet will bring up a range of training providers, offering courses from basic to advanced, at a range of prices. It may seem like a big investment, but it just may […]

Spring Cleaning Tasks That You Can Start Now!

25th February 2016 Spring Cleaning Tasks That You Can Start Now! It won’t be long now until we’re thinking of Spring. Already the daffodils are putting in an appearance and the evenings are getting a little lighter. It’s never too early to start your spring cleaning tasks, at home or at work, so why not think about your options – will you just add a few tasks to your regular cleaning schedule, or will you go for a deep-clean to start the new season off right? Whatever you choose, there are a few things you can start right now to get yourself going. Whether you’ve got a whole day, or just a few short periods of time to get started, […]

Carpet Cleaning? Let a Professional Handle It!

22nd February 2016 Carpet Cleaning? Let a Professional Handle It! When trying to keep your office environment clean, it might be tempting to employ a ‘catch-all’ solution, with one cleaning company handling all of the tasks on your list, but there one place that we think might benefit from a specialist – carpeting. Carpeting – or any flooring for that matter – is a substantial investment for your business and it can suffer if not maintained properly. High traffic areas can fade and dirty easily, while areas that rarely see a vacuum cleaner can accumulate dust and, in a worst case scenario, carpet mites. Do you trust that your regular cleaning contractor can provide the best service possible for your […]

The Perfect Cleaning Contractor?

Safety when mopping a floor

19th February 2016 The Perfect Cleaning Contractor? We all have ideas about what we would like to see from our cleaning contractor – green cleaning might your top consideration, or you might feel happier with a flexible provider. You may simply be on a budget, so the costs involved are your primary concern. Whatever you are looking for in an office cleaning provider, we can help! We’ve got together some of the top questions we are asked by our clients, but we’re sure there are many, many more – why not ask us today, and we’ll see if we can find out the answers from one of our reliable, professional office cleaning contractors. Green Cleaning Products and Procedures It’s great […]

Daytime Cleaning – An Easy Choice?

Ladies mopping the floors

15th February 2016 Daytime Cleaning – An Easy Choice? Traditionally, thanks to their working patterns, office staff and cleaning staff have a poor relationship. Office workers come in and make the mess, while cleaning staff come in overnight and clean up. While this approach works well for some businesses, you may find that daytime cleaning works better for yours. There are many reasons why a daytime cleaning programme might be a good option for your business, and with careful planning, any worries about a disturbance to the working day can be avoided. The many benefits of employing a daytime office cleaning crew include: Reduced energy costs As cleaning staff are on site during the normal working day, there is no […]

Keeping your Premises Clean and Bright

12th February 2016 Keeping your Premises Clean and Bright You might not have noticed it quite yet, but we’ve certainly spotted that the evenings are getting brighter – spring is definitely on the way, although you might not think it given the weather recently. Now is the perfect time to make sure things in your office are as bright as outside, which is our roundabout way of recommending you having your windows professionally cleaned. Not only will professionally clean windows improve the look of your premises, and giving a great first impression, attention to windows and doors will allow a better flow of natural light into your office, which has many benefits for your employees. Although the promise of rain […]

Office Cleaning Needn’t Cost The Earth

8th February 2016 Office Cleaning Needn’t Cost The Earth It might be tempting to dismiss a proper cleaning provision as an unnecessary expense – perhaps you look at keeping your premises clean as part of your everyday office tasks, but professional cleaning needn’t be a huge expense. As a cleaning provider, obviously we see the benefits of keeping clean premises first hand in terms of staff morale, keeping a professional-looking office and just general cleanliness and good hygiene, but if your budget genuinely won’t stretch to a regular, weekly clean, then why not invest in a quarterly deep-clean? A quarterly deep-clean can keep on top of all those problem areas, like under desks, in dark cupboards and nit-picky things like […]