What sets us apart from the rest

Benefit 1.

We use performance measured data to monitor reliable comparisons of performance. This helps us to recognise and take action to improve cleaning standards for our clients.

Benefit 2.

Evaluate who is performing quality cleaning at increasingly high levels over a period of time and that remains consistent – You then select the most suitable fit for your needs

Benefit 3.

Receive a FREE wall mounted Ipad in your building. Our dashboard feature allows you to login onsite and monitor time and attendance, communicate messages to cleaners, rate & review, keep track on your supplies when running low on something & re-order automatically and know what cleaning tasks were completed.

Benefit 4.

Bespoke requirements with an option to compare and choose cleaner by background verification checked, location, availability, reputation, and consistent ranking performance.

Benefit 5.

We routinely perform regular site audits frequently to our clients ensuring high standards are always kept throughout with unexpected site visits to cleaners onsite to see how well their standards are maintained.

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