With lockdown restrictions now being lifted around the UK, businesses are beginning to throw wide their doors once again and welcome staff members back to the office with open arms… in a covid-secure way, of course.

Focusing on cleanliness and hygiene is a must for all companies now staging a return to work if they want to reassure their staff members that they’re doing all they can to keep office environments safe.

Re-entry anxiety is proving to be relatively problematic for many people, so businesses would certainly be wise to enact as many changes as possible to help make their workers feel more secure.

Not only could this include regular cleaning, reminders about social distancing, perspex screens between workstations and hand sanitiser placed throughout the building, but you could also consider using indoor plants to help purify the air – and make the office environment a more pleasant place in which to work.

There are all sorts of different plants you could invest in to brighten up the place and help keep the air fresh, such as spider plants – a very resilient plant that can help clear the air of solvents and carbon monoxide. It’s also non-toxic to animals, so ideal if you have an office dog!

Or what about a weeping fig? These are very popular houseplants and, according to none other than NASA, especially good at purifying the air.

And then there’s the peace lily, another beautiful plant that can help businesses make sure that offices look beautiful and remain healthy, even in the face of a global pandemic.

Of course, you shouldn’t rely on plant life alone to help you maintain hygiene standards at work – but it’s an especially pretty way promoting good health… and your employees are sure to love it, as well.

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