Choosing a commercial cleaning company is an important task. You will have to trust them with access to premises which may contain valuable or sensitive data, for one thing. You will also be putting the health and wellbeing of staff at risk if you make the wrong choice, never more so than now. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.


  1. Check the experience and reputation of the company

Look for an established business with a proven track record in cleaning the type of premises you are responsible for. Check out online testimonials, who their existing client base is, and look for reviews of the former and existing staff for clues about the company culture. What is your first impression of them—look for helpfulness and enthusiasm.


  1. Make sure they are equipped for the building’s cleaning requirements

Do you need a deep clean of a healthcare facility, or routine office cleaning? Let the company know exactly what your expectations are, and give them as much information as possible about flooring types, the number of floors and rooms on each floor, toilets, etc.


  1. Work out the cleaning schedule

How regularly does your workplace need cleaning? What are the most convenient times? It may not be desirable to have cleaning staff carrying out their work at the same time as office employees. Check if the company will be flexible about their schedule and be prepared to clean outside of regular office hours.


  1. Check out training and hygiene standards

Does the company employ well trained staff? Do they keep up to date with the latest cleaning equipment, technology, methods, and products? Does the company follow strict health and safety guidelines, and practice the safe handling of chemicals? Schools and hospitals in particular require methodical and thorough standards of hygiene.


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