As many people prepare to return to their offices this spring, property managers are finding ways to make workplaces safer and more hygienic. Staff will want reassurances that every effort has been made to adapt their place of work to a post-Covid environment. Business Leader reports on a few ways in which the latest technology is helping.


  1. Remote health checks. Employees on many teams will be screened before entering the office by a mobile app. This may be in the form of a quick questionnaire on the symptoms of contagious airborne disease, such as a fever and cough.


  1. Touch-free tech. There will be greater use of movement sensors so that doors will open automatically without contact, and automatic hand sanitiser dispensers will be installed at regular intervals. Voice enabled devices will also become more common. Access control security systems may be activated by biometric data from retinal scans.


  1. Improved air-conditioning. Most current air-conditioning systems recycle up to 90% of the interior air of the building, providing a perfect breeding ground for contagious diseases. This is no longer acceptable in post-pandemic workplaces, where it is recommended that the fresh-to-recirculated air ratio be reversed.


  1. Social distancing sensors. Office layouts will be changed, to avoid groups of people spending prolonged periods of time together. One-way systems will be introduced to reduce contact, and desks will be spaced out to conform with the two-metre social distancing rule. Sensors will be used to measure occupancy levels and alert when spaces are overcrowded.


  1. Automated cleaning. Technology such as UV light treatments can reduce the amount of virus present on a surface by 99.7% in just 30 seconds. Other techniques include installing self-cleaning surfaces which have an inherent ability to remove dirt and bacteria on high-traffic and touch points.


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