Cleaning Coworking Spaces

We’re a highly professional commercial cleaning agency, and in our line of work we’ve seen plenty of offices. Whilst providing cleaning services across London, we’ve noticed a definite rise in the popularity of coworking office spaces. It’s an interesting model, so we decided to take a closer look.

What is a coworking office space?

Coworking spaces are basically shared office facilities used by a combination of businesses, all working alongside each other. Think of typical office set-up, but instead of everyone sharing an employer, anyone can turn up to work in that space.

In some cases, the only thing you might have in common is the office space and amenities which come with it. Some facilities, such as kitchen space, meeting rooms, a receptionist and office cleaning are often shared by users.

Why are co-working spaces so popular?

Coworking spaces seem to be particularly popular with self-employed workers. They offer a sense of structure that might not be available when working from home. Coworking can also help to combat some of the loneliness of working alone.

Increasingly though, office coworking isn’t just for self-employed workers. Smaller businesses, or smaller satellite offices of bigger firms, are also finding them appealing. They’re more flexible than committing to longer rental contracts, which is valuable to firms unsure how quickly they will grow. And, if the space is part of a chain, then membership can also extend to their other sites.

Does coworking present new opportunities?

The cost of premium office space in a city centre location can be pretty eye-watering. By hiring desk space, rather than the whole office, coworking enables small businesses to a small space of the top locations. It can make a small operation look much larger, too. Clients hosted in the shared meetings rooms are likely to be reassured by the credibility of a buzz-filled office backdrop.

Having a mix of workers alongside each other can also pave the way for effortless networking. Connections might be forged which lead to new businesses or concepts, or opportunities otherwise not available. Experiencing different working styles can also inspire creativity.

Coworking house rules

For the sake of peace and their future business, office owners should take a hard line on the coworking house rules. After all, making sure that they provide the best possible working environment is essential in securing repeat customers.

This might include rules about noise, the number or frequency of visitors, or where visitors can be hosted. Inhabitants of shared offices will expect some level of noise, but encourage coworking users to be considerate.

Note, too, that any hygiene issues in a shared space can snowball quickly. The Independent published an article last year which described the average desk as housing 400 times more bacteria than a loo seat. That’s not something most of us would feel comfortable sharing with a stranger!

Those providing shared office spaces are likely including cleaning fees in the cost of membership. It means that members will expect a decent level of cleaning when paying their fee. It’s worth considering whether this applies only to the communal areas, or to personal desk space, too.

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