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It’s FREE to use our service so you can relax as we do the hard work. Bringing you the best search matches from our database of vetted cleaners.

About Us

The Professional London Cleaning Company

As two experienced industry professionals, Jes Ellis and Linda Fouracres conceived Out of Hour when they realised a need for trusted, flexible cleaning services in London.

Jes has spent over a decade in the London cleaning service industry, working from inside along with being a successful business development manager for a reputable cleaning company. She brings her expertise, experience, contacts and incredible insights to Out of Hour, allowing us to deliver a service that provides the ideal cleaning solutions for small and medium businesses.

Linda has spent eight years in the strict environment of audit control carrying out inspections while delivering training and consultancy to ensure perfection. As a supervisor with an innate attention to detail, she has very high standards and ensures cleaners recommended by Out of Hour exceed customer expectations.

Together, we form a dynamic team that gives you an all-encompassing service forced on flexibility, value for money, ease of use, excellent customer care and an unparalleled cleaning service.

Easy Solutions to Cleaning Problems

We came together with a view to eliminate the frustration surrounding procuring London cleaning services for business. We have experienced first-hand the extra work it creates seeking out a reputable company, checking references and supervising the work so it is up to scratch.

Time and again we were disappointed as the company’s promises were not fulfilled and their work didn’t meet the standards we’d set. We also found that no qualifications are needed to be a cleaning operative, many were taking advantage of this fact by being dishonest in their advertising and claims.

Securing high quality, trusted, verified cleaners for business became our speciality and we found this skill would make light work of sifting through many adverts as we displayed a talent for sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Now we offer this service FREE to all businesses, bringing only cleaners we believe in while providing bespoke cleaning needs based on budget, services, experience or location.

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