11th November 2014 –

Accidents and Injuries in the Workplace.

Having a clean safe environment for employees is the duty of every business. Did you know that falls, slips and trips accounted for 35% of employee injuries in 2013/2104? Handling was the main cause of injuries accounting for more than 7 sick days. The total number of estimated days lost to the above types of injuries combined is estimated to be 1.9 million in 2013/2014 in the UK.

Accidents graph - 7 days off

There are many kinds of incidents and accidents and everyone should be reported.

The Riddor classification codes are from 1-16 for accidents at work. These are contact with machinery, being hit by a moving objects or moving vehicles, being struck against, lifting and handling injuries, slip, trip, fall on the same level, fall from height, being trapped by something collapsing, drowned or asphyxiated, exposure to harmful substance, exposed to fire, exposed to explosion, contact with electricity, injured by an animal, physical assault and finally anything that doesn’t fit in any of the categories.

Reading the list above you can see that if you look closely at the list and start thinking about the definitions, there are many incidents and accidents that could occur in your office place. Are you aware of the dangers and the consequences?

As an employer you have a duty of care to your employees and an obligation to protect them. It is also the employer’s responsibility to keep a log of all incidents and accidents. If an employee is injured at work then as a company or employer you could be facing prosecution, fines and even conviction resulting in possibly the person responsible incurring a prison sentence for offences such as inadequate training like man handling courses for lifting, work place assessments for work stations etc., or if you are found to have obstacles in walk ways, fire exits etc., or have wires lying across paths that act as trip hazards.

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Workplace injuries

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