Office Colour Scheme

Are You Causing Chaos with Your Office Colour Scheme?

Using colour in commercial interior design is a great way to express the brand identity of the resident business. It can make a space more inspiring, injecting a sense of fun and energy into a working environment.

Workplace environment and colour psychology

Before being tempted to express your inner Jackson Pollock across the office walls though, take a moment. The psychology of colour is important business, especially in the workplace.

In a study carried out in conjunction with Canon by Colour Psychologist Dr David Lewis, it was revealed that 80% of UK office staff agree that the colour of their surroundings has a significant impact on both emotion and performance.

The same study also showed that a whopping 98% of office workers dislike the high-tech aesthetic that typifies workplaces of today. It points to a need for careful consideration when planning out the office colour scheme.

The best colours to use in a modern office

As part of his research, Dr Lewis placed subjects into different ‘colour booths’. He found that when surrounded by their favourite colour, the subject was 10% more productive.

Of course, it’s impossible to cater for everybody’s favourite colours but the general consensus was that:

Science says that greens and blues are ideal for calm environments where people need quiet and concentration, while orange and yellow are great for idea-generation, positivity and collaboration.

Did you know…?

Although tungsten lights appear white to the naked eye, the light actually contains a great proportion of red. Try swapping artificial light for lighting with a more natural appearance, to help reduce negative emotions.

Picking the workplace colour palette

A general palette for the workplace is good for business identity, but don’t be shy about letting individuals personalise their own space. If it’s not to the detriment of others, most people appreciate being able to put their own stamp on things.

Consider using a different palette in rest areas to work areas, to help staff mentally separate work from relaxation. Being very on trend might be appealing, but it’s more useful that the aesthetic doesn’t date very quickly.

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