Benefits of Deep Carpet Cleaning

04 August 2014 –

A deep carpet clean completed by a professional cleaning company can dramatically improve the appearance of your office and equally importantly it will extend the life of your carpet. In the current economic climate where we are all looking for ways in which to save money due to ever increasing corporate bills it can be very easy to assume that a quick clean the DIY route will do the job but did you know that the cost of having a carpet clean professionally certainly outweighs the cost of a new carpet? Furthermore a professional and reliable carpet cleaner have access to a range of high quality products that you can take advantage of today.

One of the most valuable benefits has to be that it is proven that carpet cleaning will improve the health of you and your work colleagues. This is vital if there are employees that are sufferers from asthma or other conditions that have an effect on breathing capabilities.

Cleaning your carpets yourself will only remove a limited amount of dust and dirt. We take a look at what a deep carpet clean can do for your office and hopefully we will convince you that you are a step closer to gaining a healthier and cleaner office.

A deep carpet clean from the professionals will eliminate any trapped pollutants

According to the Environmental Protection Agency having a dirty carpet can mean that you retain a large amount of indoor air pollutants which can include but not limited to:

Unfortunately toxic airborne gases will be attracted to these particles and release them in the air that we breathe as we carry out day to day activities such as walking across the carpet and vacuuming causing harm to you and your colleagues. A professional deep carpet company will provide a service that will kill this bacteria through a range of specially formulated shampoos that have active ingredients to remove the pollutants for good.

A deep carpet clean from the professionals will remove an infestation of dust mites

You are unlikely to be aware but your office like many other offices will have an infestation of dust mites. These microscopic creatures live deep in your carpet and will leave a trail of body fragments and faeces wherever they go. Due to the size of these particles they can be easily absorbed into the body when the area has been disturbed. Professional carpet cleaning companies will use a technique commonly known as steam cleaning to expose your carpet at a high temperature so that these creatures can no longer survive and are removed for good.

A deep carpet clean from the professionals will prevent a growth of mold

Dirty carpets in particular have a high risk of developing mold due its high humidity levels. Having your carpets deep cleaned on a regular basis can prevent any growth and will remove the moisture in the carpets that the mold is attracted to.

Contact us today and you will never attempt the DIY route again.