28th March 2015 – As we discussed earlier in part one, indoor plants can help remove harmful toxins from the air. They can also help change the mood of the office bringing the outside in.

Boston Fern (Nephrolepsis Exaltata) – Ferns are recognized to be one of the oldest groups of plants. Producing no flowers the Boston Fern is grown strictly for its foliage. As the plant ages the foliage will droop downwards, therefore it is best displayed on a pedestal or in a hanging basket. Remember hanging baskets can be used both inside and out and are a great way of adding greenery without taking up ground space. This type of fern is excellent at adding humidity to an indoor area, however it in comparison to some other indoor plants it is fairly high maintenance. It does require regular misting and watering to make sure the foliage does not turn brown and droop before it should. The ideal positioning for the Boston Fern is a shady to semi-sun area.

Peace Lily

Image by Emna Mizouni

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) – Adding some extra colour, this plant produces beautiful white flowers. It is a great indoor plant and is renowned for being one of the best for the removal of toxins such as alcohols, acetone, trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde. The Peace Lily requires a large water reservoir and a mid-light to shady area to be sat.

Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica) – This plant grows upwards rather than out. It is very robust and can with stand cool conditions and dim light. The maintenance of this plant is low and it fabulous at removing formaldehyde along with other air pollutants. Since the leaves are large, they are easy to wipe and means they can easily be kept to be immaculate.

Ficus Alii – This plant will grow into a large plant so please remember this if purchasing for a certain area or if you have minimal room. The Ficus Alii likes to remain in a sunny spot and is not very adaptable to new conditions. If moving the location of this plant then do not panic if some of the leaves start to drop. This is the plant adjusting to its new surroundings. This plant has long slender leaves making it very attractive and it is great at air purification. It also does not attract insects, which in an office environment can be very helpful in keeping the bugs out.

Remember there are many more plants out there that can look and achieve great results within an office. Before you buy remember to read up on the plant to make sure it is suitable to the conditions of your office, and that you can maintain it.

Along with everything in else in an office, plants are best shown off when they have been maintained properly and are dust free. Want to reap the benefits for you whole office then why not invest in a cleaner today. A reduction in sick days may help to cover the cleaner’s cost. Remember getting a quote cost nothing.