UK Theatres Set To Reopen With Enhanced Cleaning Measures

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that most of the remaining lockdown restrictions will be lifted from July 19, the UK live events industry is set to swing back into action, with some venues reopening for the first time in 16 months. Amid concerns about rising Covid cases, venues will be keen to reassure audiences about their hygiene and safety measures as they begin to operate at full capacity. Broadway World spoke to Julian Bird, Chief Executive of the Society of London Theatres (SOLT), about his thoughts on the full reopening of London’s vibrant cultural scene. Bird commented: ‘As throughout the pandemic, the safety and confidence of our audiences and staff remains paramount. Theatres will continue to use our […]

Advert Ban Reflects Gender Reality Of Cleaning

In an age when gender-based discrimination and stereotypes are increasingly frowned upon, some may have failed to notice the changing reality of the commercial cleaning sector. Just as some jobs – such as construction and engineering – are seen as ‘male’ occupations and others like nursing and midwifery are considered traditionally female roles, so it is that cleaning is traditionally seen as something women do. However, the reality of professional cleaning services in London is quite different. Because of this, those making outdated assumptions can end up being embarrassed. This has just happened to the makers of a TV advert for a JML cleaning device, the Hurricane Spin Scrubber, which showed several different women using the tool around the house. […]

4 Tips For Hiring Commercial Cleaners

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Choosing a commercial cleaning company is an important task. You will have to trust them with access to premises which may contain valuable or sensitive data, for one thing. You will also be putting the health and wellbeing of staff at risk if you make the wrong choice, never more so than now. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.   Check the experience and reputation of the company Look for an established business with a proven track record in cleaning the type of premises you are responsible for. Check out online testimonials, who their existing client base is, and look for reviews of the former and existing staff for clues about the company culture. What […]

Shoppers Urged To Do Their Bit As Shops Reopen

Non-essential retail businesses were allowed to reopen as of Monday 12 April, as well as pubs, bars, and restaurants that are fortunate to have outdoor seating, having spent most of the last year closed due to the lockdown restrictions. As eager shoppers rush to the high street, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has said that retail businesses have spent millions of pounds on measures designed to keep stores COVID-secure, including safety glass, queue management systems, social distancing signage, better ventilation, and more frequent cleaning. The BRC has added that customers also need to do that part to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the chances of another lockdown, but following seven steps to keep retail open and […]

What Does A Commercial Cleaning Company Do?

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Commercial cleaning companies exist to provide businesses with cleaning solutions to ensure the workplace is tidy, clean, and fit for purpose. They will undertake a variety of tasks that include disinfecting desks and touchpoints, mopping floors and emptying bins, completing industrial carpet cleans, and COVID-secure measures. With people gearing up to return to the office soon, we wanted to have a look at some reasons why you should hire a commercial cleaning company for your office or workplace. Why should you hire a commercial cleaner?   Save time Running a business will undoubtedly keep you busy with a never-ending list of tasks, and maintaining the cleanliness of the office may end up falling to the bottom of the list. Even […]

5 Ways Smart Tech Is Making The Office More Hygienic

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As many people prepare to return to their offices this spring, property managers are finding ways to make workplaces safer and more hygienic. Staff will want reassurances that every effort has been made to adapt their place of work to a post-Covid environment. Business Leader reports on a few ways in which the latest technology is helping.   Remote health checks. Employees on many teams will be screened before entering the office by a mobile app. This may be in the form of a quick questionnaire on the symptoms of contagious airborne disease, such as a fever and cough.   Touch-free tech. There will be greater use of movement sensors so that doors will open automatically without contact, and automatic […]

Major Pharma Firm Set For New London Offices

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Pharmaceuticals firm Merck is set to move into a major new London office base after planning permission was granted for the construction of the building near King’s Cross station. The new building, designed by architect AHMM, will be known as the London Discovery Research Centre and building work could start before the end of 2021. The project is being developed in partnership with landowner the Precis Group. Merck’s new ten-story office block could be finished as soon as 2025, when 800 staff would move in. The site, which will, be cleared through the demolition of an existing 1960s building, will also include a residential block and a new entrance to the London Underground. The development is a further indication that […]

Top Tips When Reopening Your Office

Choosing when to reopen your office once the restrictions lift on workplaces is a major, significant choice, one which has likely been discussed in one form or another for months. The office environment your staff are set to enter is likely to be very different from the one they left, given that just under half of all working adults have worked from home at least one day a week for a very long time. It is a big decision and a lot of preparation work will need to be undertaken before staff should come back, both in terms of safety protocols and ensuring a clean healthy working environment. Here are some top tips on what to prioritise when reopening your office. […]

Smart Hand Sanitiser Pilot Now Underway!

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Research into how to best go about engaging people with coronavirus-related workplace hand hygiene guidance is now underway, with the use of smart hand sanitisers that contain integrated video screens to display the latest guidance, as well as providing real-time data to be used to help tackle covid-19. Carried out by the universities of Sheffield and Leeds, and reported on by The Engineer, the study will use the data collected to find out how effective the smart sanitisers are, how people feel about the introduction of this kind of technology and what their attitude to workplace health and safety guidance is. The sanitiser system has been developed by Savortex, with chief technical officer Christopher Dockrill explained that they can be […]

Offices Set For New Rapid Testing

London Offices housing firms with 50 or more employees are set to get a new layer of protection against Coronavirus with a roll-out of extra rapid testing. Health secretary Matt Hancock has announced that the government has reached a deal with Derby-based firm SureVac to provide 20 million new rapid tests, which will be able to deliver results within 30 minutes. He announced on the televised daily Coronavirus briefing today (February 8th) that these will be made available to all firms with staff of 50 or more where people are working on the premises instead of from home. It means that companies will be able to identify staff with asymptomatic infections and send them home to isolate. Mr Hancock said […]