22nd February 2016

Carpet Cleaning? Let a Professional Handle It!

15493285710_9f1d209e6c_oWhen trying to keep your office environment clean, it might be tempting to employ a ‘catch-all’ solution, with one cleaning company handling all of the tasks on your list, but there one place that we think might benefit from a specialist – carpeting.

Carpeting – or any flooring for that matter – is a substantial investment for your business and it can suffer if not maintained properly. High traffic areas can fade and dirty easily, while areas that rarely see a vacuum cleaner can accumulate dust and, in a worst case scenario, carpet mites. Do you trust that your regular cleaning contractor can provide the best service possible for your flooring?

When looking to employ a new carpet cleaning contrator, you need to assess whether they are using the best, most up-to-date methods and equipment. Is your carpet of a specific blend that requires extra care? Your carpet cleaner should be taking note of that and acting accordingly.

How often does your carpet need a deep-clean? What time of day will be best to tackle your flooring – these are all questions that a good contractor should be asking, and communication is key in selecting the right provider.

When you apply for a free quote from us, we can connect you straight away with an experienced and reliable carpet cleaning professional. We will tailor our search to your exact requirements and will continue to refine your selections until we find the perfect fit for you.

It’s quick and easy and completely free!