Commercial cleaning

What is a commercial office cleaning service?

After the team has gone home, office spaces across London are always going to need thorough cleaning. This is where a reliable and exacting commercial cleaning agency proves to be essential, returning the workspace to pristine condition.

Commercial office cleaning is more than just a quick hoover around and emptying the bins though! The office workspace can lapse into unhygienic conditions incredibly quickly, especially in larger offices. It can have serious knock-on effects for the health of the workforce.

A commercial office cleaning service will help businesses ensure their workplace is clean, healthy, and the best possible environment for a productive day.

How do the professionals clean?

Cleaning to a high standard does require dedication and determination. Paying attention to the smaller details, as well as a thorough approach makes a huge difference to the quality of the finish.

Assessing the area to be cleaned helps when creating a commercial cleaning action plan. It should be re-evaluated on a regular basis to make sure that it’s fit for purpose, and to make any adjustments required. Auditing the work helps too; it keeps cleaning standards high, and provides an opportunity to pass on any tips or ideas.

We’ve also found that the technological developments which have impacted pretty much every profession have also led to the development of cleaning tech. It certainly takes cleaning beyond the stereotype of Mrs Mop!

Tech enhanced cleaning services

Tech-based cleaning kit can be incredibly useful alongside the cleaning products that are more often associated with the job.

We use an app called Swept so that cleaners are supported on-site and problems can be reported in real-time. It’s incredibly versatile, and allows us to ensure that clients receive a consistently high level of enhanced cleaning service.

Augmented reality cleaning sounds like something straight out of a science fiction novel, but it’s real, we promise! Sensors fitted to our professional cleaning equipment send data to hi-tech glasses worn by the cleaner.

The glasses superimpose a coloured overlay, augmenting the cleaner’s perception of their cleaning environment. As the sensors detect that an area has been cleaned to a sufficiently high standard, the colour changes from red to green. It’s an incredible supplement to the cleaning toolkit, especially for those who take pride in their work.

We provide high-quality commercial office cleaning services in the London area. Contact us for a quote today!