Considerations for hiring a cleaning contractor

20th October 2014 –

Contract Cleaners using Spray Bottle

There are many reasons for having contract cleaners. Clean offices for companies are vital, as they not only give a positive environment for employees to work in which results in higher productivity, but also for any clients or visitors it gives a professional image. Remember first impressions count. So if you are thinking of hiring a contract cleaner in London here are some factors that you might want to consider.

Reliability – If you seeking a contract cleaning company in London then you want to make sure that they are going to be reliable. Contacting previous clients is a great way to check a company’s performance.
Flexibility – This is essential in picking a contractor, as you do not want cleaners operating during any working hours. You might require weekend cleaning or cleaning at short notice if you need a quick spruce up before clients or visitors are due to visit. Check that the cleaning contract firm will be available if required before hiring.
Your Company Needs – Remember that your company is individual in that it will have its own specific needs. Draw up your list of your cleaning requirements and before hiring check that the contract-cleaning firm is able and capable to do all the specified jobs. Try to ensure you find one firm that can do it all, as this will make the management of the contract easier.
Health & Safety – You want to ensure that the company to be hired has full and updated health and safety policies. Check that all staff are fully up to date with their training and up to date with the latest legislations. CoSHH guidelines should be followed (for more information please click the following link – ) and the contract firm should carry out risk assessments.
Checking Credentials – Check and ask for the contract cleaning firm’s credentials and accreditations. Check to see if the company is credible, and trustworthy. A company without the right documentations probably doesn’t take the job very seriously, else they would have everything in order. If they can’t sort out their company, then how are they supposed to sort your company?
Insurance – Although risk assessments should be carried out to avoid incidents and accidents there is always still a possibility that something untoward will happen, so you need to be sure that the company you are employing has insurance in place. This will give you piece of mind and it is more evidence that the company will operate in a professional manner.

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