15th February 2016

Daytime Cleaning – An Easy Choice?

Ladies mopping the floorsTraditionally, thanks to their working patterns, office staff and cleaning staff have a poor relationship. Office workers come in and make the mess, while cleaning staff come in overnight and clean up. While this approach works well for some businesses, you may find that daytime cleaning works better for yours.

There are many reasons why a daytime cleaning programme might be a good option for your business, and with careful planning, any worries about a disturbance to the working day can be avoided.

The many benefits of employing a daytime office cleaning crew include:

Reduced energy costs

As cleaning staff are on site during the normal working day, there is no need to light your office after houses to allow for cleaning. Although this may not seem like a huge saving, it can mount up over time. There is also added peace of mind in your security if you don’t need to rely on your cleaning company to lock up.

Reduction in Cleaning costs

As your cleaning company is paying a normal daytime rate, and not an additional premium for night working, this may reduce your contract costs overall.


Perhaps one of the most important benefits – your staff and cleaning staff can develop a rapport as they share the same space, your cleaning staff may feel more valued as a result. You can also be a lot more flexible with your cleaning strategy, as problems can be resolved on the spot and any extra tasks required on an ad hoc basis can be worked in then and there.


With your cleaning crew on site, it may persuade your staff to go that little bit further in taking care of their own waste, recycling and office area. It is easier to leave a mess for a faceless crew to clean up, than it is for an individual that you have built a relationship with.

While we think that daytime cleaning is a great option for many businesses, we know that it will not suit everyone. Whatever your issues with your current cleaning company – or if you are looking for a cleaner – we can help! Simply apply for a free quote today, and we can begin to build a list of recommended cleaners for you to choose from.