Daytime Cleaning Benefits

Daytime Cleaning

The days of working long, night-time hours for cleaning crews seems to still be here, while the popularity of cleaning during the day is on the rise. It only makes sense for progressive and forward-thinking companies to have their cleaning crew working daytime hours.

There may be some perceived challenges to commercial cleaning during the day, but most of these are easily side-stepped. Perhaps there are some sections of the building that have higher congestion of human traffic during the day, and cleaning at that time would be difficult and problematic. Closing down certain areas of the building can be a quick, easy solution to this problem. Creating a flexible working environment can only be a positive change.

If the cleaners can interact with the other workers of the facility, and a repertoire between the two can be created, then the cleaning will be done faster and more efficiently. If a mess is made, there will be someone on staff to clean it up at that time, and the source of any problems can be found easily. The benefits to daytime cleaning are very nearly limitless.

Access to smart & wearable technology

By having access to smart & wearable technology, Out of Hours can help your company reduce their cleaning costs; this is done through the use of intelligence with their data, allowing for improved services.

Agile & Flexible working environments

In order to provide greater flexibility with agreements and contracts, we hope to create an agile future that can change the way buildings are cleaned and maintained. This can be done through a closer understanding of clients business & the buildings progression.

Visible customer facing interaction

We focus on visible customer services and hope to see clients enjoying interactions with our employees and contractors on a daily basis. An enjoyable work environment and recognition of good effort can develop and display extra interpersonal skills.

Progressive training

Our unique skills will become a recognisable brand trait, what could even be identified by members of the public based purely on what we do.

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