3rd September 2014 –

Does a clean office boost productivity?

When tasked with improving productivity how clean your office or working environment is might not be top of your list of things to think about but a clean workspace can have knock on effects that you may not of even considered….

· Reduced health problems.

A clean office means bacteria cannot breed or spread as easily. Being able to deduct even one day from each employees annual sick leave could see a huge boost in profits: 100 employees x one day a year that accounts for 100 extra days work being carried out – sure to give a boost to any company.

· Less accidentsCommercial cleaning London - helps to prevent accidents.

Accidents at work are a natural hazard but ensure you do everything you can to avoid them by having regular cleans, this encourages staff to keep things organised and there is less likelihood of that trip over a box of printer paper or slipping on Fred’s leftover lunch. Add regular commercial cleaning to your risk assessment as a ‘control measure’ and keep up the schedule to be sure you have done all you can.

· More haste less speed.

Employees that have to search for documents or products in a messy working environment are going to become frustrated and will often make more mistakes. Having a clean and organised working area means stress is lower and the knock on effects are primarily efficiency savings.

· Company ethos

We would all like our employees to share our company ethos and be productive and efficient, although this is not always the case. Studies have shown that a clean office and clear workspace will encourage people to keep other areas of their work more organised – e.g. their inboxes, their task lists and in turn provide quicker turnaround for projects.

Cluttered office needing a commercial cleaning company to help. · De-cluttering is good for you

Scientists have discovered a direct correlation with a person’s ability to concentrate and the amount of clutter around them. Princeton Neuroscience Institute conducted a study that shows you will find it harder to focus or process information if all about you there is chaos. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21228167)

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