7th November 2014 –

Does your office benefit from the magic cleaning fairy?

As the nights draw in and days get shorter, then the mood of most seems to deteriorate.

When you spend most of your waking hours in your office, your mood can be very affected by its state. Imagine waking up and it’s still dark outside. Leaving the house you step out into the cold damp morning air. The moon is still high in the sky, and the sun doesn’t seem to have made an appearance yet. You rush for the bus. You are stood at the bus stop and the misty rain starts falling. You hunch over and try to snuggle into your coat. It’s only been 3 minutes, but it feels like eternity. You yawn and look at your watch. Next you stare down the street. You wonder if you are not fully awake as by now surely you would be seeing a large red object in front of your eyes. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes you realize that you are actually awake and that the reality is that the bus is not in sight. Two minutes later and finally a bus arrives. You board and get seated. A few stops later and off you get bracing yourself for the short walk to the office building.Employ cleaners to improve morale

At the entrance you draw a deep breath and in you walk. You look around and your desk is a mess, the bins haven’t been emptied, the dust has settled on your screen and surrounding equipment. The distinct aroma of stale air instantly hits you and you spend the majority of the rest of the day dreaming of where else you could be, fitting in spurts of your workload when you are drawn back to reality. By the end of the day you feel totally depressed and are not sure how you are going to face tomorrow.

Now lets replay that scenario, but after your office has been cleaned by an Out of Hour contract cleaner. Everything is exactly the same up until just after the moment when you take the deep breath and enter. At this point you smell the clean fresh scent of jasmine in the air. Your desk is clean and tidy but all your work piles are in the same arrangements. There is no over flowing rubbish and the whole ambiance of the office is efficient and productive. Work colleagues engage and smile. You sit down and away you go. Productivity starts straight way and once on a roll there is no stopping you. The hours rush by and at the end of the day you feel like you’ve succeeded and made a difference.

The company’s production is up; your self worth is great. Sickness days have reduced and the office is a much nicer place to spend all those hours and all because when you weren’t there the Out of Hour cleaning fairy spread the magic.