Eco-friendly cleaning

Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips from Professional Cleaners

As a professional cleaning agency, we have a lot of experience in environmentally friendly cleaning which still delivers an excellent hygiene standard. In fact, it’s something we’re strongly committed to.

We don’t think that our cleaners and clients should be exposed to harmful materials in order to enjoy the benefits of a five star cleaning service. After all, commercial cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean using the sort of harsh chemicals that you would never dream of using in your home!


Introducing green to your home cleaning routine

If you want to minimise the environmental impact of housework, then reconsidering your choice of cleaning products is generally a good starting point. Brands like Ecover and Delphis manufacture eco-friendly products for use in every part of the home and office. Look out for product ranges that are cruelty-free and vegan friendly – it means that they haven’t been tested on animals.


Landfill-friendly housework

As well as natural cleaning products, coconut fibres are becoming ever more popular to replace plastic based scouring pads, and they are biodegradable too. Fabric cleaning cloths, or washing pads such as for a mop, which can be thoroughly washed are much more hygienic, and creates less waste.


Clean air the natural way

Depending on where you live, leaving the windows open for as much as possible might not be practical advice. Baking soda is the home-cleaning wonder product, especially when it comes to removing unwanted smells around the home. Sprinkle on to carpets, leave to absorb odours, and then get the vacuum cleaner on it.

Other natural ways to improve the air quality of your home could include boiling cloves or other herbs and spices that you like the smell off, rather than using aerosols or plug ins. Leafy green plants are nature’s natural air filter, and also help to reduce stress levels and improve mood.


Baking soda for healthy cleaning

Baking soda also has good degreasing properties on hard surfaces (such as in the fridge or the oven); again, sprinkle it on, add a bit of water, and gently wipe away. Do be aware though, that it can be abrasive so it’s not ideal for windows and mirrors!


Don’t become a drain on your drains

Unblocking a clogged drain is nobody’s favourite job, and it’s tempting to reach for the really harsh products which will blast through.

For stubborn blockages, baking soda and vinegar make a wonderful foamy concoction which can power through most grime, flushed through with water. A proper sink plunger is also an excellent bit of kit!

A sink strainer will help to capture the worst of the hair and food building up in the drain. Regularly flushing boiling water also helps to flush away fats which can start to smell and obstruct the pipe.


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