Provide Feedback

Rate your experience with a supplier.

Out of Hour would really appreciate hearing from you about your recent experience and here are just some of the main reasons –

• Your feedback is essential to help us monitor performance
• Feedback helps us to keep learning
• We use feedback to improve and develop

Rating your experience will help us maintain a quality network of providers, and importantly, give all consumers valuable feedback in choosing and working with a provider.

At Out of Hour we always ensure we are up to date with additions and changes to cleaning providers. This all important knowledge of the industry is how we are able to provide you with the most current advice as to which London cleaning company is ideal for your needs as well as keeping you informed with their current level of service.

We monitor reliable comparisons of performance.

We are keen to drive performance across the cleaning industry and particularly with our providers in the London area. We build on national quality requirements by measuring outcomes as well as processes.

This provides a basis for service improvement amongst providers. The overall aim is to make accurate comparisons across different service providers and be in the position to recognise and take action to improve cleaning standards for our clients.

Performance indications are based upon performance measured sample data. We support the development of best practice in cleaning standards.

All our partner service providers will be sent a personalised report each quarter. The report will place a strong emphasis on identifying providers who are performing at increasingly high levels. This report also enhances the competitiveness of our suppliers who strive to provide professional services at all times.

We would love to hear from you – you can visit our write a review section in the contractors profile and leave your feedback so you can let us know about your experience.