24th March 2016

Hand Hygiene – An Important Year-round Reminder…

In many industries – food service and the NHS to name but two – good hand hygiene is insisted upon and promoted within workplaces as a healthy reminder of the risks of bacteria and germs. But is there a focus on hand hygiene within your industry and, in fact, in your workplace?

We don’t really like to think about some of the nasties that could be present on our hands, but we all carry them and we all need to be aware of how to properly wash and sanitise our hands. The last thing you need in your staff kitchen is a nasty bug outbreak, resulting in food poisoning for one or more of your staff.

There are two main types of bacteria present on your hands: resident bacteria, that which is part of our natural make up and is not normally dangerous, and transient bacteria, that which is not normally found on hands, but can be picked up as we go about our daily life.

In general terms, hand washing should remove most of the bacteria present, but only if this is done properly. The World Health Organization has produced this handy infographic, showing the preferred method of hand washing, which should take care of all the nasty bacteria we all carry around with us. But don’t think you’re done after one wash – bacteria can begin growing again immediately after hand washing, so it is essential to maintain good hand hygiene throughout the day.


As an employer, although you cannot stand over your employees and make them wash their hands regularly, you can play your part by providing a clean and attractive staff washroom where hand washing is less of a chore.

If you are looking to regularly clean and sanitise your staff washrooms, then we can help. We can recommend a wide range of reliable and hard working cleaning contractors, who can assist you on a regular basis, or simply undertake a one-off clean.

In just a few key strokes, we can provide a list of fully vetted and tested cleaners, ready to make sure your premises can offer an attractive and clean environment to your staff.

Why not apply for a free quote today, and keep your staff safe from germs and bacteria?