30th December 2014 – Some cleaning products can be flammable and corrosive, others can contain irritants.  The effect on health can be sore eyes or throat and headaches.

There are some chemicals that although not harmful in themselves can cause dangerous reactions when mixed or used together.  If you insist on using ‘green’ products this does not necessarily mean that they are any safer for you and your employees.

A quote from a recent study in America states – “Investigators from the University of California at Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory measured pollutant concentrations during and after simulated cleaning activities, including mopping and general cleaning, and during use of a plug-in air freshener. The investigators found that chemicals directly emitted from the products, such as terpenes and glycol ethers, generally were below levels of concern, but that indoor chemical reactions of the substances emitted produced some other pollutants at levels of health concern. Specifically, using products that contained terpenes – which are components of pine and citrus oils – in rooms where elevated levels of ozone were present, resulted in the production of formaldehyde and ultrafine particles, both of which can potentially harm human health.”spraying air cleaning products

Having your office cleaned during the evening will give time for cleaning products to clear the air and reduce the risk to health.

There are also a few other tips that can help –

At Out of Hour our approved cleaners will be happy to talk through the current regulations and chemical handling procedures that they follow.

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