7th March 2016

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Loo of the Year Awards 2016

You’ve spent time and money on ensuring your premises are as clean as they can be. You’re rightly proud of the effort you’ve put in but who, except for your customers, will ever see the results of your efforts?

If you fancy a bit of recognition for your facilities, then why not consider entering the Loo of the Year Awards 2016?

As probably one of the first places your clients visit at your premises, you’ve made sure that you can be proud of the smallest room, so entry into the Loo of the Year Awards will give you a totally independent assessment of your washrooms and toilet, and each facility is awarded a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum standard certificate, following an unannounced visit by the Awards Inspector.

Regardless of your type of premises, any ‘Away from Home’ toilet can be entered into the awards and presentations are made at a glittering ceremony in Deember 2016.

For more information about the awards, see http://www.loo.co.uk.

If your facilities are not exactly ‘award ready’, we can help you find a reliable regular cleaner to take charge. A quick and easy free quote is all it takes to get us working for you to find the perfect cleaning solution.