16th January 2015 – Vinegar could simply be the one word answer for cleaning your office equipment. Ok the smell might make you think you are in a fish and chip shop, but vinegar is a very powerful cleaner. Your computer, printer, fax machine or other office equipment will always work better if it is kept clean and dust free.

Before cleaning any of your equipment then please make sure that it is turned off. Do not use neat vinegar but mix a 50/50 solution of white vinegar with water. Dampen a cloth and then squeeze the cloth out as hard as you can and never think of using a spray bottle. You don’t want to get any of the solution inside the equipment onto the circuits. Now wipe away. If you are cleaning areas with tight spaces like keyboards then use a cotton bud but again make sure you remove as much of the solution before wiping.

Do you or colleagues have a computer mouse with a track ball? If you do then clean them by removing the track ball if it is removable. With a wrung out cloth that has been in the 50/50 vinegar water solution wipe the ball. Then wipe a squeezed out cotton bud from the solution wipe out the ball chamber. Leave to dry thoroughly before replacing.

Does you desk have ballpoint pen marks on it? Smarten and clean it up with neat white vinegar. Dab full strength vinegar on the mark using a cloth or sponge. Repeat until the marks are removed. Now your desk is neat and smart it helps put you in the right frame of mind to organize your work.

Have your scissors got sticky and grimy? If yes and we are not talking about the scissors on your computer that cut and paste we are talking about the real McCoy, you need to soak the scissors in full strength white vinegar. Washing them is more likely to rust either the blades themselves or the fastener that holds the blades together. Also the stickiness often just spreads along the blades with washing. Once the scissors have soaked then just dry each blade off individually with a rag or cloth. Then make sure that you dry the rest of the scissors off.

So all in all white vinegar is a very useful substance to store in your work place.

If this has made you think about your office and it’s cleanliness, then obtain a free quote for cleaners in the London area from us today.

Vinegar Bottle