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Be found by London Businesses Looking for Your Cleaning services

We offer an incredible service to reputable cleaning contractors in London who provide a good cleaning service. Bringing you customers from across the capital and boosting your business.

By partnering with us, you will open up to unlimited opportunities as you enjoy regular & one off work that boost your income considerably.

Get Started Today

To apply to become a partner all you have to do is register on our contact us page and send us details of the services you offer. We’ll then be in touch to guide you through the rest of our process, quickly and easily.

Partner Requirements

As a service that prides on providing high quality cleaning contractors in London we have criteria we’d like you to meet before we bring you business through Out of Hour.

We’re confident that if, as a reputable cleaning service in London, you share our ethos of delivering excellence with honesty, you’ll have no trouble at all with our vetting process.

Our customers trust us to deliver cleaning contractors in London they can trust, when you meet this criteria you will enhance your own reputation as you automatically benefit from ours.

Why sign up to Out of Hour?

Out of Hour can offer cleaners professional profiles to advertise their skills and allow for freedom of when and where they choose to work. Out of Hour allows for the most effective way of exposing yourself to new potential customers.

How do I get work and how will customers select me for the contract?

Once you have registered with Out of Hours, we will contact you in order to complete the process and activate your professional profile. Our clients can then choose from a variety of cleaners who work within their preferred locations.

How much do Out of Hour charge & what can I earn?

Your online professional profile is FREE with no upfront cost required. Once a regular customer has been obtained, Out of Hour requires a small fee from the monthly invoice for administrative, management costs, invoicing, insurance and other costs. This is to ensure the correct payment is received at the correct time with you keeping up to 80% of the monthly billing.

How it works

  • You register your London cleaning service and provide the details we need
  • Once approved you’re placed on our database of verified, trusted London cleaning contractors
  • Our customers search for your services
  • When a selection from the customer has been made
  • We send an email & text message providing details to confirm you have been selected for the job
  • We’ll contact you to find out your availability within 24hrs & to confirm your start date
  • You take on your new client

Our Customer Care for Your Sales Success

We offer our customers FREE customer care that benefits your company considerably. We’re always here to answer any questions while pointing them in your direction.

Register now and give yourself the boost you deserve by finding key holder cleaning jobs in your local area.