19th December 2014 –

Scrimping could cost in the long run.

Sometimes you need to spend money to get better results. Businesses often only see cleaning as an area of saving or not vital. Some businesses and companies regard cleaning as an area where they can cut corners and costs or do it themselves. In reality this might be a very expensive decision.

Why is it that many businesses forget to look at the bigger picture and not just the cost sheets? Clean environment can have a very positive effect on any workforce. It could improve productivity and a cleaners wage could be a lot cheaper than employing another employee in order to gain a similar amount of productivity. Cleaner environments can reduce the amount of sick days. If you can keep a workforce working then you increase productivity. It is simple that if you have employees off sick then they are not going to be producing anything. Limit this and you increase production.

You can often gain a better reputation for your company or business. If a client visits then you want them to leave with a good impression. The chances of business being clinched could be greatly improved and remember first impressions count. Your reputation could also be improved by your employees talking positively about your company / business. They said that word of mouth is the best advertisement you can have; it can also be the most damaging. An employee with a positive experience in clean surroundings may have more than just a local effect of your company reputation and image, especially now days with social media and it being easier to contact others in the country via telephone etc.

If you look on spreadsheets at company costs are cleaners included in the productivity or are they just seen as a cost. Scrimping on cleaners can cost companies more than they think. Work out the cost savings of keeping employees working, the cost of having a positive reputation and image could be immense.

If you are finding things tight then maybe you need to compare cleaning companies and what they can offer.  With many cleaning firms out there then you need to find the one that offers your business / company all that it requires and hopefully more at the right price. If you are looking for a quote then our site can offer you comparison quotes. Don’t panic about losing productivity whilst you search and seek, as we do all that for you and then issue you with your free quotation.

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