Research into how to best go about engaging people with coronavirus-related workplace hand hygiene guidance is now underway, with the use of smart hand sanitisers that contain integrated video screens to display the latest guidance, as well as providing real-time data to be used to help tackle covid-19.

Carried out by the universities of Sheffield and Leeds, and reported on by The Engineer, the study will use the data collected to find out how effective the smart sanitisers are, how people feel about the introduction of this kind of technology and what their attitude to workplace health and safety guidance is.

The sanitiser system has been developed by Savortex, with chief technical officer Christopher Dockrill explained that they can be used in a variety of ways, saying: “For example, if a building already uses a [radio-frequency identification] entry system, the sanitisers can be linked to this to automatically send emails to staff that have entered a building without using the hand sanitiser. Or depending on the requirements of the building owners, could bar entry to the workspace unless the sanitiser has been used.”

Current hygiene guidance for employers includes using signs and posters for handwashing technique awareness, providing hand sanitiser in numerous locations, enhancing cleaning for busy areas, providing additional waste facilities and more frequent rubbish collection, and ensuring that facilities are kept well ventilated.

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