25th February 2016

Spring Cleaning Tasks That You Can Start Now!

It won’t be long now until we’re thinking of Spring. Already the daffodils are putting in an appearance and the evenings are getting a little lighter.

1-1276781550UFzXIt’s never too early to start your spring cleaning tasks, at home or at work, so why not think about your options – will you just add a few tasks to your regular cleaning schedule, or will you go for a deep-clean to start the new season off right? Whatever you choose, there are a few things you can start right now to get yourself going.

Whether you’ve got a whole day, or just a few short periods of time to get started, there’s lots you can accomplish if you work methodically around your office space, whatever the size.


Start with your storage. It’s very easy to just shove stuff in a drawer or filing cabinet, then out of sight, out of mind. Now is the time to sort it out! There’s no need to trash the whole cabinet at once, just work one drawer at a time, removing obvious clutter, archiving papers where necessary and being ruthless with the things you just won’t need again.

Once the clutter is removed, you can vacuum and wipe down the empty drawer, and refill in a more organised manner.


Desktop clutter can be really off-putting, so try and clear that away, and find a home for things that you definitely want to keep. Once the desktop is clear, you can wipe down and sanitise the surface, plus keyboard and phone as germs can lurk there!

Customer Areas

Meeting rooms, reception areas and a shop floor (if you have one) are the areas that really sell your business to customers. You can help create the right impression by keeping the clutter to a minimum and keeping any equipment in those areas as fresh as you can.


Once your indoor areas are spick and span, why not move on and give the outside of your premises the once over? Clean windows, tidy landscaping and a clean building can all add a professional touch. Use this time to get rid of cobwebs or water staining from the winter rain, and you can make sure that the first thing your customer sees will give a lasting good impression.

Although these are tasks that can be carried out by you and your staff, we can support you by helping you find a reliable, professional office cleaner for your ongoing cleaning programme. Just apply for a free quote today, and we can provide a list of vetted office cleaning professionals who are ready to help you.