18 July 2014 –

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We know the summer months can be a juggling act for small business owners. Scheduling your office workers various holidays and trying to balance workloads to clients’ needs can be difficult.

Summer is, however, one of the best times for your office to be cleaned by specialist services. It’s easier with less people coming and going, it dries faster, and the results are immediately visible.

Here are our 4 types of professional cleaning your office needs in the summer:


Whether it’s cracking windows open for a fresh breeze or stifled air conditioner filters, air pollution can be problematic. This includes smog from traffic, dust & dirt, and of course pollen.

Tip:Be sure to get your air conditioner cleaned. The filters should either be replaced or vacuumed and the coils should be vacuumed for maximum efficiency.

The Floors

Carpeted offices gather both air pollution and foot traffic, which condenses the grime and can even re-filter it into the office air. Depending on how close your location is to heavy traffic in London, a professional steam cleaning once a week to once a month can clear up the problem.

With vinyl or tiled flooring, the debris settles in the cracks and corners that regular sweeping and mopping will miss. A professional cleaning service ensures there’s no build-up of dust and grime.

Windows & Window Coverings

Windows are dust and pollen collectors. They gather dirt even within a few days of cleaning and require higher maintenance in the drier summer months.

The same goes for blinds, curtains and drapes. They need to be fully cleaned, or they simply exchange the dust back and forth between the windows.

Tip:A professional office window cleaner’s should be used not just for an office that’s on a higher floor- but to get streak-free results.

Walls & Fixtures

Summer’s an ideal time to get your office walls wiped down from the last few months’ accumulation. Smudges, smears and even ‘wall perspiration’ marks are much more visible in the summer light. Having the office walls washed in the summer also dries quickly.

It’s also a good idea for switches, ceiling fans and even cupboards to get wiped down at the same time, to get rid of any build-up or dust.

We hope our Out of Hours summer advice for your office is useful.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us!