The last year or so has really made us all focus on health and hygiene, with deep cleaning of communal spaces, as well as more stringent hand-washing, an absolute must to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

When it comes to offices and other commercial premises, regular cleaning is essential and all parts of the space should be kept as clean and tidy as possible, but it can be useful to know which parts of the office are likely to be the dirtiest so you can pay particular attention to these areas.

Sinks and taps in communal bathrooms should certainly be a focus, as these will be touched by a large number of different people throughout the day, so keeping them spotless can help reduce the chances of any nasty bugs being spread.

Computer equipment such as computers and the mouse can also harbour all sorts of germs, so cleaning these is essential, as well. If you are still hot desking at the moment, with various different staff members, using the same equipment, this becomes even more important.

Door handles in office buildings should also be cleaned properly on a regular basis as, again, these will likely be touched by lots of people. Hand sanitisers could be strategically placed next to the doors, so that those onsite can make sure they’re staying on top of health and hygiene.

As well as organising for an office cleaning service to come and help out, don’t forget to remind your staff members about their own personal responsibilities, as well. Keeping their desks tidy can help facilitate cleaning and make it easier to maintain a hygienic office environment, for example.

Check out this Hloom infographic to discover the truth about office germs!