28th November 2014 –

Is there such a thing as an easy clean?

Well if your office is already thoroughly cleaned then an easy clean could be possible however cleaning is known to be labour intensive.

A deep one off clean could help you maintain your commercial premises for the next few months. If you keep on top of your cleaning then every time you clean round, it shouldn’t take too long or be too onerous. If you are just skimming over then dirt, grime and germs will accumulate.

Cleaner dressed for the officeThe cost of a cleaner could be more productive to your business than you think. If you take a member of your workforce away from their job in order to clean the premises, then your business productivity will decrease and you may be paying the employee more per hour than you would for a professional cleaner. They would also need to do it within working hours when it is not able to achieve the best cleaning results, this can imped the production of other employees too. If you require them to clean as an extra task then you may have to pay overtime rates for out of hour’s overtime. If they are not professionals then the cleaning is more than likely going to take them longer costing you extra.

• Would your employee be dressed appropriately to carry out the tasks of the cleaning job?
• Are you paying them correctly?
• Do you have the right employment contract in place?
• Is it part of their job description?
• Are they trained to use certain chemicals?
• Do you have somebody else in place to cover when on holiday or off sick?
• Have they agreed to do the cleaning work for the right reasons?
• If they have an accident whilst cleaning are you insured and covered?
• Are they experienced enough to use the chemicals correctly and safely?
• Are they skimming the surface or carrying out a thorough clean?
• The cost implications of cleaning over productivity for your company?
• Do other staff regard them as a cleaner whilst carrying out their other role?
• Is it good for moral?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but you can clearly see that there are many considerations to be addressed. If you would like to save yourself the bother and hassle of addressing these problems then why not contact us today to compare business cleaning contract quotes with our free service.

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