15 August 2014 –

Have you not heard of microfibre cloths? If not why not as these have dramatically changed the way in which we clean! Not only are they easy to use but there is not a chemical in sight.

We are quite advanced in technology to realise that using tons of detergents and other harsh chemicals are not only creating a toxic hazard to the environment but they are also causing damage.

I will share with you why microfibre cloths are the perfect answer to cleaning your office and as previously mentioned you do not need to spray any detergent to clean.

The quality of microfibre explained

The majority of microfibre products used for cleaning are mainly made from small polyester and polyamide fibres. These fibres are micro small and are measurable by “denier”. The smaller the fibres the quality of the microfibre increases. This means a microfibre cloth with thin strands of these materials will have a higher quality cleaning finish than if you were to use a normal cloth. It is also means that is has a higher absorbent rate. For a fibre to be classed as a microfibre it needs to have a denier of 1 or less which if you consider the thickness of human hair a microfibre is one tenth of the size.

It is known that the highest quality of microfibre cloths have a denier of 0.13, to put into perspective is one hundredth of the size of a piece of human hair. This gives you an idea how thin and small microfibres are.

So why does microfibres give exceptional results every time?

If you have previously chosen to use a traditional cloth with water to clean your office you may not be aware that two thirds of the dirt and grime attached to the cloth is left on your furniture and floors. Plus if you are using detergents the cleaning solution can leave a horrible residual on glass surfaces. Your windows can look like they haven’t been cleaned, and if it was not very well.

Microfibre cloths have the ability to collect 99% of dirt and bacteria because they consist of triangular pockets and any dirt collected gets trapped. When this is used dry it makes a fantastic tool for your furniture. Use wet and it has the ability to clean any windows without leaving any residual behind. The reason for this is because only water is used. Not a chemical in sight!

So when you are next cleaning your office consider using a microfibre cloth and you will be truly amazed at the results. Even so you will wonder how an office can be so clean without having to use soap or other detergent. Detergents are known for stripping paintwork so the fewer products you put on your surfaces, the better to ensure it receives maximum protection.

But don’t limit it to your office, it can benefit most surfaces. Wow now that is impressive!