19th February 2016

The Perfect Cleaning Contractor?

We all have ideas about what we would like to see from our cleaning contractor – green cleaning might your top consideration, or you might feel happier with a flexible provider. You may simply be on a budget, so the costs involved are your primary concern.

Whatever you are looking for in an office cleaning provider, we can help! We’ve got together some of the top questions we are asked by our clients, but we’re sure there are many, many more – why not ask us today, and we’ll see if we can find out the answers from one of our reliable, professional office cleaning contractors.

Green Cleaning Products and Procedures

It’s great to be able to cut down on our personal and professional carbon footprint. You can ensure that your contractor is onboard with your eco-friendly strategy by checking whether they use green cleaning products and if they have written and proven cleaning methods that use water and products efficiently.


The traditional commercial cleaning model sees cleaning crews visit your premises at night. Perhaps this doesn’t work so well for you, and you’d like to introduce daytime cleaning. Your office cleaner should be able to work around you, discussing the best times to visit, and at what times certain areas have low footfall. Your needs as a business must be taken into consideration, and together you can work out a bespoke cleaning programme that is flexible and adaptable.


For some businesses, especially small businesses, green cleaning aims are a bit further down the line, and budgetary constraints are the main players in finding a cleaning solution. Perhaps you’re unable to afford a regular cleaner, visiting every day? If so, why not try a one-off or quarterly deep clean to keep on top of things? This is a cost effective solution and can be revised as your company grows.

As we said, these are just some of the issues you might want to think about when engaging an office cleaner, we’re sure you can think of lots more.

If you’re currently in the market for a new cleaning provider, why not apply for a free quote today? We can recommend a cleaner from our list of fully vetted professionals and get you started today.