3rd October 2014 –

Does a clean office boost productivity?

Hiring professional commercial cleaners brings a host of benefits, we look at the top 5 and see why they are often preferred to in house staff.


Sourcing staff that are willing to work unsociable hours is quite a task, then you need to manage them as employees and all the problems that brings. Sickness and holidays need to be covered, imagine you have a big board meeting with your most prestigious client – one cleaner is off sick and the other on holiday, what do you do? Family are often reluctant to step in very often, you do not want to be up at the crack of dawn emptying bins and wiping computers instead you need to be doing that important meeting prep. Then there is also the time taken to order supplies, health and safety, training, certifications and the pay run to consider.


Professional commercial cleaners handle just your cleaning, they do not need to worry about answering the phone or other administrative tasks around the office at the same time. They will also have had professional training, be up to date with the best techniques and products and be more efficient in their work.

Outshine competitors

Having a clean office extends much further than just reducing hassle by outsourcing – it can help you win business and increase the productivity of your staff. We all know the well know phrase ‘first impressions count’ and how clean your office looks when your prospects arrive will have a lasting effect. Staff also appreciate a clean and therefore healthy office environment bringing with it a healthier and happier workforce.


Knowing that the office has cleaning staff for a few hours each night or morning can be a great benefit to security, a building is less likely to be entered if people are on site and the lights are on. If there are any problems the commercial cleaners will be able to alert the relevant authorities and you at the earliest convenience which will assist with any clear up or follow up needed before the working day begins.


Comparing costs and services offered by a range of commercial cleaning companies will highlight the differences in offerings as well as allow you to find out what is important to you. It may be that you require evening cleans, specific equipment cleaning or a certain type of product to be used. Using a comparison site like ‘Out of hour’ is preferable so you can be put in touch with the companies most suited to your needs. This often results in a more preferable rate and long term cost savings.

Once you have your commercial cleaners in place you can focus on running your business safe in the knowledge that those first impressions are taken care of.