Choosing when to reopen your office once the restrictions lift on workplaces is a major, significant choice, one which has likely been discussed in one form or another for months.

The office environment your staff are set to enter is likely to be very different from the one they left, given that just under half of all working adults have worked from home at least one day a week for a very long time.

It is a big decision and a lot of preparation work will need to be undertaken before staff should come back, both in terms of safety protocols and ensuring a clean healthy working environment.

Here are some top tips on what to prioritise when reopening your office.


Check It Is Habitable

It may have been a very long time since your office building was occupied, and as a result, there may be serious issues with the building that will come as a result of being empty for so long.

In particular, check for issues with mould, pests and stagnant water. Bring in professional inspectors if necessary.

It is more important to ensure your opening is undertaken correctly and safely than quickly, so do not feel pressured into reopening sooner.


Deep Clean

Even if there are no major health hazards in the building, your building will need a dedicated deep clean of every surface to ensure it is safe for all employees.

Whilst this can be undertaken yourself, an office cleaning service would be safer, faster and more efficient.


Change The Working Environment

The new normal will be one of adaptation based on the needs of the business. When you decide to reopen the office, consider a phased return where only a small percentage of your office staff return before gradually expanding these numbers.

As well as this, prepare a risk assessment to explore which proper hygiene, social distancing and appropriate facial covering rules should be implemented.