Image of man at desk23rd January 2014 – So what kind of desk do you keep? Is it structured and ordered or is cluttered and out of control?

Many studies have been conducted over the years on the state of people’s desks and you may be surprised that the findings can reveal quite a lot about person who resides at that desk.

According to researchers and psychologists a person who resides at a messy desk will often have a more creative flare and will tend to offer up fresh ideas. In general messy desk people tend to break free from tradition and think outside of the box.

A tidy and neat desk tends to denote that the person residing at it is more likely to conform. They generally will do the right thing and are less likely to take risks.

The type of desk you have may also be reflective of the type of job you hold. Take a look around an office and try to see if you think the above theory works. Take a look at your own desk and see if it personifies you.

For some people a cluttered untidy space can cause stress and tension and for others too much structure can feel restrictive.

As everybody is different surely the key isn’t about the state of a person’s desk but more about productivity? Making a workspace uncomfortable for an individual can often hinder productivity. Productivity is a key element to any business. It is important that any one persons messy station does not over spill to another person as this could hinder their productivity especially if they need an organised environment to work in.

If a workspace is messy do you automatically think that person must be really busy or do you think that they must be very disorganised and not very thorough? Like wise does a clean and tidy workspace make you think that person has too much time on their hands or do you think that person is effective and efficient? Since everybody differs then maybe non of us should judge, however it is important to make sure that everyone is comfortable in their surroundings.

You may also need to think of the company’s reputation if clients come to visit the office. As first impressions count, then maybe those who enjoy the mess may want to have a clean up before visitors.

Last Monday was national ‘Clean off your desk day’, if you didn’t get the chance maybe schedule it for this Monday coming as you may be quite surprised at what you may find, the odd stale crisp or a coffee cup growing mould.

If you would like to sort your files and have a professional clean then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote even if you just require a one off clean.