20th November 2014 –

Why wait till Spring?

A spring clean is great way to have a real deep clean before the summer starts. Is Deep cleaningwaiting for spring the answer when it comes to offices? We normally wait until the weather starts to warm and the days start to get longer, then off we go with that one off deep clean for the whole year. Does the spring office clean really fit with the working calendar?

The spring clean is a process of cleaning the entire building, house or office, giving it a massive clean and perhaps even a complete makeover. One will usually clean every possible spot and area to ensure that it is spick and span.

Firstly lets look at the benefits of a spring clean or a one off deep clean.

So why would all of the above be better off done over the Christmas break? The Christmas break is for many businesses and offices, the time when they are closed for the longest period of time. This means this is the ideal time for cleaning firms to get in, and get to all the nooks and crannies.  They will be undisturbed and can get the job done in one hit. It will also mean that any dust particles in the air will have a chance to settle before and after the cleaning firm carry out their mission, making it far more environmentally for the office / business workers.

Contact us today if you would like a deep clean of your London premises this Christmas period.